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Maths Exercices


Finding the midpoint
By using x and y coordinates, it is easy to find the midpoint of a line segment. The midpoint is calculated by taking the average of the x coordinates and then taking the average of the y coordinates.

If (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) are the endpoints of a segment, the midpoint is calculated by:

Find the midpoint of a segment with endpoints (-15,7) and (3,9).

The midpoint is (-6,8)

One endpoint of a line segment is at (-3,2) and the midpoint is at (3,-8). Where is the other endpoint?


The other endpoint is (9,-18)

R(-6, 0) and S(-8, -3) are the endpoints of a line segment. What is the midpoint M of that line segment?
Write the coordinates as decimals or integers.

M=( , )