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Maths Exercices
Convert Metric Units of Length

The meter is the base metric unit for measuring length. A meter is a little longer than a yard. The table at the right shows increasing and decreasing length in meters.

The kilometer, centimeter, and millimeter are the most commonly used measures. For example, long distances are measured in kilometers; centimeters and millimeters are used in science.


Conversion between units of mass in the metric system involves moving the decimal point to the right or to the left. Listing the units in order from largest to smallest will indicate how many places to move the decimal point and in which direction.

km   hm   dam   m   dm   cm   mm

To convert 4200 cm to meters, first write the units in order from largest to smallest:

km   hm   dam   m   dm   cm   mm

  • Converting cm to m requires moving 2 positions to the left.

  • Move the decimal point he same number of places and in the same direction

4200 cm = 42.00 m