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Maths Exercices
Equal shares
A number of people invest different amounts in a project. When it comes to sharing the profits of the project the usual method is that a person who initially invests more capital gets a larger share of the profits and whoever invests less capital receives a smaller share of the profits. That is, the division of profits is directly proportional to the amount of the initial investment.

Direct equal shares

Three business associates, Anthony, Joseph and Ana invest €5000, €8000 and €10000 respectively, to set up a company. After some time the company makes €2300 profit. What share of the profit does each investor receive?

Let x, y and z represent the profits of Anthony, Joseph and Ana. Then we can work out the proportion of profit to  investment.





So Antonio receives €500, José receives €800 and Ana receives 1000 euros.

The residents of a housing estate employ three decorating companies to paint their houses. Company A paints 29 houses, company B 50 houses and company C 67 houses. The total cost for the work comes to 146000 euros. If all three companies charge the same rate for painting a house how much money do they each receive for their work?
Company A receives euros
Company B receives euros
Company C receives euros